The break of 20/2/2017

The morning update meeting ended with a fast break offered by Progeo hosting the conference. Dr. Giampaolo Rovatti ( Progeo Molini)  has made specially bake  bread,lasagna and cakes,with some organic flours from 100% Italian antique grains

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Old grain varieties: Verification of 20/2/2017

At the end of the first year Dr. De Montis illustrates the first results, with a pool of 24 ancient grain varieties, about the experimentation carried out by CO.NA.SE. In the morning they alternated Carla Corticelli Project Coordinator, Marco Albertini President Agrites, Sara Bosi of the University of Bologna who also illustrated the study by

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Biovant: October 5, 2016 Meeting

Biovant is the result of the work of so many realities, but especially of so many people: here are some of them present at the first evaluations of the activities to be carried out. A high value project, developed with the collaboration of specialized companies and universities, but above all with high-value people!

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